ORiGiN Music Publishing | ORiGiN Music Publishing – 100% Independent
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ORiGiN Music Publishing – 100% Independent

ORiGiN Music Publishing – 100% Independent

ORiGiN Music Publishing – 100% independent

ORiGiN is pleased to announce we are now fully independent (again).

Having been administered by Alberts (and its affiliates) for close to nine years  ORiGiN Music Publishing is now fully independent with its own infrastructure, closely aligned with the well established ORiGiN Theatrical business.

“Timing…” says ORiGiN’s Creative Director Philip Mortlock “…is such an integral part of the music business. We’ve enjoyed a long association with the highly reputable Alberts but now that that has come to a close we find this is a great time to re-establish our independence.”

2016 has indeed been a remarkable year for ORiGiN with the worldwide success of Cookin’ On 3 BurnersThis Girl” via Kungs remix.

This is now being followed up with another remix of Cookin On 3 Burners “mind “Made Up” via Finnish DJ Lenno.

Meantime Tinpan Orange have headed off to Europe on the eve of the release of their ‘Love Is A Dog’ album in Germany.

The single “Rich Man” is starting to gain traction there….


**We’ll be announcing new catalogue additions and our new International Sub Publishing network shortly